+ 1. Which kind of versions (status) of the color combinations are there (XS, S, M , L, XL, ... ) and what do they mean?
+ 2. How looks like a DELUXE Color Therapy and what are the costs?
+ 3. How do the BEST LIFE Color Therapies act and perform?
+ 4. I am charged and energized so much by the color therapies. When is the best time I can apply them? And how often?
+ 5. Why do the colors create such an intense impression?
+ 6. How it is with the 13 DNA, 12 DNA +1, 12x12 DNA, 144 DNA +1?
1. Which kind of versions (status) of the color combinations are there (XS, S, M , L, XL,... ) and what do they mean?
Status XS

In this smallest version there are 1-2 colors in different variations.
It is mainly used to stabilize and to strengthen a particular area or a particular aim (objective).
Also the focusing and the adjustment to this one specific thing is thereby greatly increased.
Duration: 7-10 minutes

Status S

There are 2-4 colors in different shades, that are either complement to each other or they are 2 opposite (complementary) colors.
By the interaction of the colors the balance is achieved again. This has then effect on many areas of life, depending on the orientation, and they come slowly back into their natural harmony.
Duration: 7-10 minutes

Status M

There are many different colors of different shades. Depending upon the specific and precise buildup (compilation) of the sequence and the order of the colors and the mental + emotional objective, these colors are determined either to build and to strengthen, or to balance and to harmonize, or to calm and to relax.
Duration: about 1-4 min.
Supportive can still come music to it (m - as the description)
or at some Color Therapies can come well targeted affirmation to it (a - as description)

Status L

as M, Duration: about 4-9 min.

Status XL

as L , Duration: 8-15 min.

Status XXL

This is a very special version with many different colors and buildups of sequences by numerous exceptional colors.
Duration: about 1-3 hours.

2. How looks like a DELUXE Color Therapy and what are the costs?
Example 1:

An individual BEST LIFE Color Therapy, eg: for a kindergarten (infant school).
The aim was that the children are much calmer, more relaxed and joyful during the meal and that they can concentrate better. Children respond very quickly to the colors and the results are impressively good

By the individual Color Therapies, there are always 3 possibilities. It depends for how long you want to use them - 1 month, 6 months or 1 year.
Each Color Therapy is adapted exactly to an existing and obvious situation. When changes take place over the time, then it is better and more purposeful either to adjust the Color Therapy or to create a new one.
Therefore, there are these 3 possibilities - 1, 6 or 12 months

In the case of the kindergarten the costs are:
1 month: € 350,- / 6 months: € 420,- / 1 year: € 450,-

Example 2:

An individual BEST LIFE Color Therapy, eg: for a family.
The situation in the family (2 children: 4 and 8 years old) was very tense and loaded - as well as between the parents, as between the children and as a result of that between all together. Especially for the mother it was nearly impossible to manage the whole situation any longer and the constant disputes have already left deep emotional wounds by all.
Everyone wanted to get finally more peace and to calm the heated and charged minds.
The whole situation was very complex and accordingly to it the effort was more extensive.

In the case of the family the cost are:
1 month: € 1.200,- / 6 months: € 1.270,- / 1 year: € 1.300,-

The color therapy has run by the family repeatedly from the PC on the TV during the day. Often by the way, where all the members of the family have seen it only partly during other activities. The results were phenomenal!
All were much calmer, more relaxed and friendly. That was an excellent prerequisite to tackle the existing problems in the family in a constructive way and solve them with open heart and clear mind.

Example 3:

An individual BEST LIFE Color Therapy, eg: for a company.
It is a private bakery with 3 cafe houses and about 25 employees. There have been already for years big problems and emotional conflicts among the employees and everybody has suffered from this stress. This could not be repaired by any remedy, although the fluctuation was relatively high and always new employees were hired.
The customers came less and less and also the company's sales already showed the effects. The entire situation was already critical and the solution was really needed.

Since so many people were involved, the effort was also quite high.
There were created 3 Color Therapies for each cafe house and 3 Color Therapies for the bakery.
These were then played on large screens several times a day by the way during normal work. The screens in the cafe were also so aligned that especially the staff got to see it and less the customers.

In the case of the company the costs were:
1 month: € 2.300,- / 6 months: € 2.370,- / 1 year: € 2.400,-

The results were really impressive.
In the one branch where they have already thought to close down, the business volume has tripled.
In advance it has mean that 3 employees are gone in one day and they were replaced within a few days with excellent new employees. (Incidentally, this was an extreme exceptional case)
Also in the other branches the number of customers has increased visibly. This was clearly due to the new, better and more harmonious atmosphere and relationship among the employees.
And in the bakery the production output has been increased by 30 %, although just at that time an employee was on vacation and another one was sick.
The owner was more than happy that it could be helped so massively with such simple means.
The results were also so phenomenal because the individual Color Therapies and the individual consulting were tailored especially to the needs and demands of the staff and the whole situation.

3. How do the BEST LIFE Color Therapies act and perform?

The color therapies convey through specific sequence (chronological order) of certain colors (color vibrations) positive, harmonious and constructive information.
These color therapies are always tailored specifically to the existing issue or problem and can be used wonderfully invigorating in almost all areas of life.
When using the BEST LIFE color therapies these harmonic information will become over the time more and more stronger, and in contrast to it the stressful existing situations - that came into being just trough information – will become more flimsier and weaker.
Depending on the size and the length of the load, this process can take days or weeks to complete. There have also been cases, especially when the stress existed for years, it took up to 4-6 months of intensive use, before the positive information could prevail against the massive blockades.
Experience shows that it is useful - the latest after approximately 1 year - to adapt a new color therapy to the changes which have taken place in time.

4. I am charged and energized so much by the color therapies. When is the best time I can apply them? And how often?

Yes, several people have reported that they react very intensively to some colors. Especially the colors that build and energize a lot, it is recommended to use these especially in the morning, or at the latest 2-3 hours before bedtime.
Should it still be too strong, then insert just with these colors a break of a few days or weeks, even so long until certain inner or external processes and regenerations in the body have been completed.
It could also be that you look at certain color sequence that is so intense and so effective that your organism is even charged a few days from it. Then you do not need to repeat this again, but feel what your inner feeling is saying and use each color therapy only if you feel comfortable, well and relaxed looking at it.
In most cases, it is changing very often all the time because in our lives today we are influenced by so many influences from the outside.
A few days later, it can even happen that you look at the same colors 3x, 5x or 10x per day and you still don’t have enough.

And even this is so ingenious on these color therapies that they can assist you often every day during your very busy daily activities and harmonize and build you up wonderfully.
And you can use them 24 hours a day at any time.

We wish you a lot of fun and joy with them!
Just enjoy them - they will help you to make the BEST from your life - enjoying and living your life fully!

5. Why do the colors create such an intense impression?

Through the evolution we as human beings respond very intensively to the colors. Each color has its own vibration, its own wavelength in which it oscillates. These oscillations have very strong effect on our entire system - whether the nervous system, the limbic, the endocrine or the hormonal system.
The most important thing and the main point here is the composition of the individual colors in the color therapy and especially the very specific sequence of the different colors.
This causes these intense positive and uplifting reactions that support us so strongly as the unity of body, mind and soul and bring us back to the natural harmony.

"6. How it is with the 13 DNA, 12 DNA +1, 12x12 DNA, 144 DNA +1?"

The science is discovering still more in this area / 13 DNA are 12 DNA +1, and in a precise observation each one of the 12 DNA has 12 additive finer levels, that are 12x12 DNA, it means altogether 144 DNA +1.
This 1 single DNA is absolute an unique DNA, different from all the others, with a special line of action - some parts for communication within the holistic oneness - specially for the determination of the consolidated direction of growth and development - especially for the highest spiritual adolescence.

Here some more Information to this so major topic:
The 13th DNA strand overlaid on the 12th DNA strand system then permits the individual to be empowered. The 12 are the foundation and tools, the 13th is the “Itself.”

It is love as the Highest Consciousness resurrected in each individual with the potential to increase its vibratory rate to invoke universal healing. Unlike the 12 strand system, each 13th strand is completely unique. The 13th DNA strand connects one from the earth plane to the God-Self, as love source that assists so the veils of separation will be lifted.

When working with the 13th DNA strand, the real goal a person is seeking is to integrate the 12 DNA (12x12= 144 DNA) strand areas of mastery they have chosen into their Spirit or Essence. When complete and in Harmony, the human being has succeeded in making a leap of personal evolution. It is now ONE. When this happens a new area of mastery comes into being.

The 13th DNA strand is also the communicator focus. In all instances the 13th strand is the strand of love, and is designed to integrate Spirit, mind and body. We all came from the same Spirit. The origin of our being is included in every single 13th strand.

Therefore even though 2 people might be of totally different areas of knowledge about the world, each would also be aware of their uniqueness and relation to each other as they both have above all the same primary Creator. They could then work on integrating and exchanging information, because they could relate on a higher frequency level of their being.

This 13th strand of complete love is woven throughout the 12 strands of DNA, thus imprinting the Divine Blueprint, Spirit’s blueprint, the innate being of everybody of us which has stemmed from the source, the beginning - the day one of creation.

So then every human being can fully bring out and manifest its own inimitable holistic BEAUTY and uniqueness and live it in every moment and with every single breath.

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