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We are always ready to answer and to help! Just send us a message and we will do our best to answer it as soon as possible. E-mail: office@e-add.com


If you would like to have your own e-color therapy -
for your best health, success,
your family, home, business or animals

CONTACT US: E-mail: office@e-add.com

To help a lot of people with these original e-color therapies
we have changed the procedure now.
The e-color therapies are for a donation now.
(not like before, where the price for an e-color therapy was between 175,- and 370,- €.
For example: 370,- € was for the unique and individuall color vibrations of the soul).

Write us an e-mail with your name and for what reason you would like to have the e-color therapy. Then we create your own individual e-color therapy and send you your unique link. So you can use your personal e-color therapy when ever you wish, and that 24/7 for years.
(You can use the music in the therapy or stop it and
use during the e-color therapy some other music you prefer and enjoy).

Take as much as you like,
Give as much as you can!

For donation contact us please: E-mail: office@e-add.com

Thank you very much for your donation and the support of this service.



We wish you a lot of JOY, SUCCESS
and WONDERFUL RELAXING with the Best Life E-Color Therapies.


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